Boards for Trello 1.2 For Mac Torrent

Boards for Trello provides easy access to Trello through an isolated interface without the hassle of browsers. There are some odd bugs with this application. The App Icon appears behind the menu text in the status bar. This impeeds the user from using any menu option to the right of the App Icon. Overall, not impressed with this app. You would be better off opening the Trello Board from a web browser.

Use Trello Web without browser. Don’t lose yourself among all browser tabs.

– OS X Yosemite style brand new UI.
– Open different Trello tabs and switch instantly between them.
– Share Extension support.
– Dark and Light mode option.
– Home, Back, Forward and Copy Current URL buttons.
– Mobile and web view options.
– Quick Launch taskbar icon.
– Minimized app frame.
– Fullscreen support for maximized Trello experience.
– Upload files from here.
– Your link are open your default browser.

An unofficial app for Trello.